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Restaurant Online Ordering

How to Set Up an Online Ordering System for your Restaurant (Easy Steps)?

By March 19, 2024March 26th, 2024No Comments

Tired of paying more than 20% in third-party commissions? We get it: delivery apps like Foodmandu and Pathao are convenient and simple to use. But when you consider how much money this comfort costs you each year, it’s no longer so cheerful.

Setting up an online ordering system may appear overwhelming, but it is rather simple. No matter how you look at it, freeing yourself from excessive commissions must be worth some effort.

In this guide, we will walk you through the process of setting up your online ordering system and website.

What is an online ordering system?

An online ordering system for restaurants allows customers to place food delivery orders directly with their mobile phones from the comfort of their home or workspace. Customers can browse menus, place orders, and make payments by opening the link to their favorite restaurant. 

An online ordering system allows restaurant operators to manage and process incoming online food orders, track sales, plan marketing campaigns, design their online menus, and much more.

In a few easy steps, learn how to set up an online food ordering system for your restaurant with airNovus.

Step 1: Sign up with airNovus

Ready to get your own online ordering system?  Register for a account using your information to get started.

Fill out all necessary information and press Register button.

Once you’ve done so, follow the instructions below, which will show you how to set up online food ordering system options, allowing clients to place their orders online.

Start your food delivery website. Visit >>

Step 2: Add information about your restaurant

After registering on airNovus, first thing you have to do is add all important information about your restaurant.

Restaurant address & contact details

Add your restaurant address and contact details to display on your website and also help customer reach you directly.

Home > Restaurant > Details > About

Working hours

Add restaurant working hours for delivery according to your choosing. You can also mark your restaurant closed. Your restaurant, your decision!  This information will appear on your own website you’ve created in airNovus.

Home > Restaurant > Details > Working Hours

Social Media

Also make sure to add your restaurant’s social media links so customers can view your profile, contact you or follow you.

Home > Restaurant > Details > Social Media

Step 3: Add menu items and price

Start by creating Categories to organize and assign food items accordingly.

Home > Menu > Categories

Now add your food items, their prices, descriptions, and pictures to your online menu so customers can order their food online. Make sure your pictures are high quality and descriptions clear so customers know exactly what they’re ordering.

Home > Menu > Items

Step 4: Set up online payments

Cash on delivery and Pay by scanning QR code are integrated on the website by default.

You can also accept online payments from your customers via Fonepay, Esewa, and Khalti with NOVUS PAY. We will receive, process and settle the payments within 24 hours. A flat 3% payment fee will be charged by us for the service.

Additionally, you can also choose to receive payments directly to your company bank account via Fonepay, Esewa or Khalti. For that you have to contact respective provider to get your credentials to add in our system.

Step 5: Promote your online ordering website

Now that you have completed all necessary steps, start by sharing your link to your ordering website on social media and encourage your customers to order online.

Additionally, print out banners, place stickers on packaging, and update your Google Business page with a link to your online ordering website.

Key Takeaways

  • With airNovus, you own your customer’s data, online ordering website, and all the profit you make.
  • A reliable online ordering website is easy to set up and comes with a lot of useful features. All in one
  • Promoting your online ordering website is important to get customers to start placing food orders through your website.

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